Excellence in Education

educationSupport of local education, including outstanding teachers and students, is one of our most important long-term missions. Each May, the Rotary Club of Smith Mountain Lake hosts our Excellence in Education Banquet to honor exceptional educators and students from local schools. The event is held at Westlake Country Club.

Teachers of the Year

Teachers of the Year are selected from 10 schools in Franklin and Bedford Counties. They are chosen for their commitment to high quality student education. We invite them to the banquet to allow us to honor them. teacher_awards Their principals and their spouses or significant others are also invited. Principals speak about why their Teacher of the Year was chosen. Teachers tell us about themselves, their backgrounds, and their passion for teaching. It is enlightening to hear their stories and to understand their dedication to giving their students a great education.

Student Scholarships

SML Rotary Club College Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors from both Franklin County and Staunton River High Schools at the banquet. Scholarship recipients tell the club about their future plans in education and life. It is refreshing to share in the success of today’s gifted young people. Rotary is proud to support them by assisting financially with their higher education.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Finally, we honor students who have participated in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) – and hear more about their weekend at Virginia Tech. The RYLA weekend teaches young people about leadership, and how to effectively apply leadership skills to their daily lives. Each year, at least one of our sponsored students participates in the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Speech Contest during the weekend at Virginia Tech. Many of our sponsored students have placed well and have progressed to the competition’s regional level.

Photo: Teachers of the Year