SML Rotary Foundation Coats 4 Kids Initiative – Winter 2017

SML Rotary Foundation a 501 (c) (3) is pleased to announce  $5500 in commitments and is doing a   $1 for $1 match for donations that are earmarked for Coats 4 Kids.

In the fall of 2016 one of our members embarked on a mission to provide new coats to needy children in our area.   That member project started out because he was late to deliver new coats for a local coat drive. The drive was over and the coats were no longer needed.  Determined to deliver coats he  walked  into an elementary school and said Hi, you don’t know me but, my name is ____.  I have new coats in the car, are you allowed to accept them?   The response  blew him away.  The principal and surrounding staff burst into tears and was so grateful.

Shortly thereafter he  went with his wife to Macy’s to purchase a child’s shirt. Next to the shirts were racks and racks of kid’s coats that were $85 on sale for $15.  He bought them all.

When word got out additional monies were donated to purchase more coats (Macy’s and Walmart). Friends sent 20 new coats from Maine.  Even a classmate not seen in more than 30 years sent new coats and scarves from Alexandria.  When we asked what motivated him, he said he found real joy in helping kids in need, coupled with terrific deals and new money coming in.  This is a beautiful cycle that I hope will continue on so many levels.   He said he is learning that amazing things happen when God gets the glory.

The thought of a local  kid with no coat, then walking around in a “new, nice,  warm coat” is something  SML Rotary wants to be a part of.  Don’t you?  Remember every dollar donated for Coats 4 kids will be matched up to $5500 and is tax deductible.   $11,000 will buy a lot of coats, hats and gloves.  Checks, Credit/ Debit and Pay pal can be used via our Donate button on the right side of  our home page. If you would like to donate or volunteer your time or talents please contact our new members chair Tom Ulbrich 540-420-8033 (cell).

Macy’s Kids Dept

Walmart 1

Walmart 2

Learning and Making Simple Changes may Prevent Several Diseases

Trinity Ecumenical and Resurrection Catholic Church parish nurse, Tami Aiken, recently spoke to members of the Rotary Club of SML about disease prevention. Ms. Aiken’s message discussed ways we can each adapt our lifestyle to include simple changes that may prevent many diseases.  Most are well known but are really important practices to incorporate into our daily lives.  Highlighted by Ms. Aiken was hand washing before meals, restroom breaks and the use of hand sanitizers.  A few others included maintaining a healthy weight (1 pound =3500 calories), drinking a glass or two of water 30 minutes before eating to help you feel less hungry, eating a well balanced diet and limiting salt intake to 1500 milligrams per day. Exercising at least 30 minutes per day, walking 10,000 steps per day, gardening etc., are all important for overall well being.

Ms. Aiken also stressed the importance of health screenings and annual physical examinations to determine overall health and to identify a health issue before it becomes too serious.  Some of these screening include mammograms, PSA tests, colonoscopies and appropriate immunizations.

You do not have to be a member of Trinity Ecumenical or Resurrection Parish to reach out to Tami Aiken. She can be reached by email at:<>.

Rotary-Help Prevent Disease

Photo:  From left: Pidge Morgan, Rotary Club of SML Sergeant at Arms,  Tami Aiken, and Carolyn Gordon, President, Rotary Club of Smith Mountain Lake.



2015 Christmas Tree Sales- SOLD OUT!

Special Thanks to Jeff Shotz, the Hot Shotz staff and many SML Rotary Volunteers as they helped Sell out our Christmas Trees.  Proceeds (minus the actual cost of tree) will be provided to local charities in the form of grants from the SML Rotary Foundation.   THANK YOU ALL!

Case Pieterman, Cindy DeMarco and Steve Strickland select Christmas Trees for the Club's annual Christmas Tree sale.

Case Pieterman, Cindy DeMarco and Steve Strickland select Christmas Trees for the Club’s annual Christmas Tree sale.